Astra Consilium


Welcome to the homepage of Astra Consilium Ltd.

Our company was founded in 2006, achieved its present form in 2012 and intended to benefit from the knowledge and experience gained in the field of complex designing and management of HVAC systems through the past decade.

Our team consists of several HVAC engineers with many years of professional experience, who pay special attention to costumer and contractor feedbacks. Our design procedures follow up and assist the entire building operations from the first sketch to the end of the construction. Therefore we were able to accumulate a huge amount of practical (not just theoretical) knowledge in order to solve the difficulties which come up during the construction swiftly and precisely.

Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of the costumer by creating an HVAC system which is optimized for the achievable best value and energy efficiency. Our designs were built to last, therefore we keep close attention to the simple, secure, cost efficient and reliable operation.

In addition to our main designing profile, the office is capable of undertaking design reviews, technical assistances and energy certifications of buildings as well. If the project’s complexity demands it we can organize a team of reliable designers and engineers in a huge variety of construction fields such as electrical, automation, civil engineering and architecture as well.